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Transforming complexity into capability: ParTec's patented modular architecture as a game changer
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Shaping the future

At ParTec it’s not just building supercomputers we do: we engineer breakthroughs. In this dynamic area we don’t just keep the pace, we’re setting the tempo. As pioneers in purpose-built supercomputer solutions and the integration of quantum computers in a HPC architecture, our team is at the forefront of cutting edge science and technology fueling the complex requirements of massive computing power in AI.

And for us it’s not just about the hardware or software, it’s about being the preferred partner for integration of systems. We don’t simply weave together products and compute technologies but create holistic powerhouse solutions.

And that’s only the beginning. At ParTec we’re not trying to keep up with the future, we’re shaping it. We’re not afraid of challenges, we’re fueled by them. Our mission is nothing short of exhilarating – driving the technology frontier and unlocking new dimensions of scientific exploration.

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ParTec in the News

Acatis Investment Report

“This German company has only a small number of employees but excels in integrating CPU and GPU, and in the future, quantum computers into supercomputing data centers.” – Acatis Investment Report January 2024


“The company from Munich is small but claims technological leadership. (…) Conclusion: The ParTec stock is promising in the long term.” – Handelsblatt, January 2024

Bavarian Digital Minister Dr. Fabian Mehring

“Despite challenging economic conditions, ParTec has managed to really take off on the Frankfurt stock exchange. Congratulations to ParTec AG (…) – they are a true rising star made in Bavaria!” – Bavarian Digital Minister Dr. Fabian Mehring, November 2023

Wallstreet Online

“ParTec AG is well-positioned for further growth and is among the world’s leading companies in the field of supercomputers and quantum computers.” – Wallstreet Online, August 2023

Why experts choose to work with ParTec

Our Heritage

Coming from the fields of academics, being techies at the core. Founded in 1999 as a spin-off ParTec has been deeply involved with the European HPC and Quantum computer research community from the beginning, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in this area.  

Partnership Approach

In order to excel in today’s dynamic landscape, collaboration is essential. We work exclusively with the best-in-class partners across various domains. This collaborative ethos ensures that we can offer innovative solutions that lead the industry forward. Partners include Eviden, NVIDIA, Quantum Machines, Intel, Lenovo, NextSilicon, Orca, QuantWare, AWS.

Continuous innovation

We have highly experienced experts and hold a portfolio of approximately 150 patents and patent families in the field of high-performance computing (HPC) and cloud computing. Our developments and inventions are already being used all over the world in the construction of supercomputers.

Agnostic solutions

Due to our dynamic Modular System Architecture we are able to run a component- and qubit-agnostic approach. This means that we are able to seamlessly integrate various products and technologies according to their benefits, without being limited to only a few providers.


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