Quantum Computing
A Holistic Solution for Your Quantum Computing Requirements

Quantum Computing

As quantum computer system integrator, ParTec designs, manufactures, and integrates quantum computers using an off-the-shelf component-based and qubit agnostic approach to optimally match the requirements of each use case.

To fully leverage the strengths of both, classical and quantum computing, ParTec has co-developed QBridge, a software to seamlessly integrate quantum computers into existing HPC set-ups, together with our partner Quantum Machines. QBridge bridges the gap, enabling users to harness the power of quantum alongside their classical computing resources for hybrid classical HPC and QC applications.

Our overall quantum computing architecture combines our qubit-agnostic full-stack integration and QBridge with a digital twin of the physical customer system as well as a complete user environment for quantum computing on the classical system. For use cases in which the customer prefers to run the user environment and the digital twin in the cloud instead of on-premises hardware, ParTec offers a Platform-as-a-Service solution in AWS.

Quantum computers diverge significantly from classical computers in their architecture and programming principles, posing challenges for their seamless integration into existing HPC infrastructure. QBridge represents a groundbreaking commercially available solution, pioneering the facilitation of hybrid, low-latency workflows across both HPC-classical and quantum computing platforms.

ParTec and market leader in quantum control Quantum Machines teamed up to develop the new comprehensive software package QBridge that enables tight integration of quantum computers into HPC systems and finely interleaved multi-user access to one or multiple quantum computers.

For maximum performance, the integration works on the level of pulse-level tasks. Tasks from different jobs and users can be prioritised and scheduled according to policies managed by the HPC resource scheduler Slurm, effectively creating a virtual quantum computing environment.

Whether you are a small research group or a large scale HPC centre, this will boost your productivity and maximise the scientific throughput on your quantum computer. The solution, available with Quantum Machines’s quantum control product, provides an off-the-shelf security concept that only allows quantum computer access to authorised users within their scheduled time window and policy constraints.

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Holistic Quantum Computing Solution

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Quantum Computing Partners

Artificial Intelligence

Extreme-scale computing serves as a powerful enabler for Al research and model development by offering the computational capabilities necessary to train large models, process big data, optimize hyperparameters, scale workloads, and accelerate innovation across various Al domains. ParTec leverages our vast experience and background in building the most advanced computing systems for designing compute platforms for AI.  

Together with the French company Eviden, ParTec is the lead partner in the construction of JUPITER, the first Exascale supercomputer in Europe. You can find more information on JUPITER and how it will accelerate AI research and model development here.

Performance and Early Technology Evaluation

In our exploration of the frontiers of computing, ParTec investigates novel classical computing technologies besides non-Von-Neumann architectures such as quantum computing. Together with customers and partners, we study the architecture, programmability, and performance of new processor technologies like NextSilicon’s Maverick, and develop new methodologies for modelling and projecting application performance.