High Performance Computing
Unravelling the potential of modular supercomputing through customized excellence and seamless integration

The ParTec Difference

ParTec always follows the approach of co-design and co-development in the further development of the modular architecture and the corresponding software components: This means close collaboration with customers and partners, to perfectly meet their needs and requirements.

Modular computing systems solutions

ParTec designs, builds, and supports purpose-built heterogeneous supercomputer solutions using our modular supercomputing architecture approach. As a hardware-agnostic system provider, we work closely with leading technology companies and integrate a broad range of products and compute technologies of different origin and maturity level into total system solutions using our ParaStation Modulo Software Suite.

ParTec is a trusted partner and advisor to our customers. With our solutions, we help them to push out the boundary of what is computationally possible for them, thus enabling new scientific insights and industrial solutions.

ParTec provides a 3 pillar value proposition to computing systems customers:

Best-of-Breed Technology

We work with best technology partners according to the customer’s choice.

Integration Software

Our ParaStation Modulo Software Suite integrates various HPC and quantum computing technologies in one modular supercomputing system.

On-site support

ParTec’s Customer Success engineers help you to continuously improve the return-on-investment of your modular supercomputer.

ParTec develops comprehensive software suites for modular supercomputing. ParaStation Modulo is a supercomputing software suite that is extensively used in production environments and enables the Modular Supercomputing Architecture (MSA). Accordingly, it facilitates the integration of modules with different hardware characteristics on system level, such as General Purpose Module, Accelerator Module (Booster), Quantum Module, etc.

A central pillar of the suite is ParaStation MPI and its versatile processes management subsystem, both perfectly tailored to meet the demands of dMSA computing towards exascale.

This pillar, in turn, is embedded into a complete framework for providing modular supercomputing: Besides a robust and efficient cluster middleware, the ParaStation Modulo Software Suite also comprises sophisticated management components like the ParaStation ClusterTools (for provisioning and administration), the ParaStation HealthChecker (for automated error detection and integrity checking) and the ParaStation TicketSuite (for analyzing and keeping track of issues).

ParaStation MPI

ParaStation MPI is the MSA-enabled MPI (Message Passing Interface) library and runtime of the ParaStation Modulo Software Suite.

It contains a high-performance communication library especially designed for HPC supporting different communication transports concurrently, and offers a complete process management system integrated with the batch queuing system and job scheduler.

ParaStation ClusterTools

The ParaStation ClusterTools as part of the ParaStation Modulo Software Suite offer a set of tools to ease different tasks of setting up and maintaining an HPC system.

It supports common Linux distributions and system configurations, and is generally hardware agnostic, providing a uniform interface to system administrators.

ParaStation healthchecker

The ParaStation HealthChecker as part of the ParaStation Modulo Software Suite is an elaborated test suite for ensuring the usability of all components (HW and SW) of an HPC system.

It includes a framework for configuring and executing a set of predefined tests, where each test analyzes a particular function within the system to ensure the most efficient and undisturbed operation of the system.

ParaStation TicketSuite

The ParaStation TicketSuite is an essential tool for maintaining large HPC installations.

It helps keeping track of all issues that may arise with the hardware and software setup of such a system, thereby integrating well with the other components of the ParaStation Modulo Software Suite, like the ParaStation HealthChecker.

ParTec's Onsite Support

ParTec provides on-site systems’ services, including deployment and administration, (proactive) monitoring, and general 1st and 2nd level support for all kinds of HPC systems.

This is based on more than 20 years of experience in the HPC domain.