Thomas Moschny, Chief HPC Solutions and Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Moschny’s journey with ParTec began in September 2007 as a software developer, and since April 2013, he has held the role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO). With a background in physics and a focus on computer science, Mr. Moschny has been instrumental in driving the development of the ParaStation Modulo software suite and the advancement of dMSA technology.

Prior to joining ParTec, Mr. Moschny conducted research in computer science at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, focusing on high-speed networks and parallel programming environments. His expertise and dedication led to his appointment to the ParTec Executive Board in October 2022.

As CTO, Mr. Moschny continues to spearhead innovative solutions and technologies, positioning ParTec at the forefront of the advanced computing industry.