Quantum Performance Engineer

ParTec AG is a fast-growing, agile technology and consulting company and a leading provider of modular high-performance computing systems. In addition to building complete computer systems, we offer our customers and partners software solutions, support, and consulting services. Our ambition is to become Europe’s leading integrator of quantum computers and to enable our customers to grow efficiently, cost-effectively, and continuously in an ever faster changing world and to adapt to future challenges and technologies.

Our business’s success is dependent almost entirely on the technical and management skills of our employees, their capacity to meet customer expectations and deliver innovative clustering solutions.

For strengthening our technical pre-sales team for High-Performance Computing and Quantum Computing, we are looking for a


Quantum Performance Engineer



This position involves working with existing and emerging quantum benchmarks to measure and optimise their performance on quantum simulators and on real quantum hardware, as well as projecting performance to future quantum systems.



  • Complete performance-based benchmark tests in a timely manner, often under short deadlines, to support customer workloads as well as internal product decisions.
  • Continuously monitor and analyze performance metrics to identify trends, patterns, and areas of improvement.
  • Generate reports and provide insights on performance, capacity planning, and optimization strategies to stakeholders and management (experience with MS Office tools is required).
  • Understand quantum computer architectural components and features, as well as performance estimation methodologies used to provide required information and performance assessments for benchmarks on future ParTec and competitive systems.
  • Provide clear and concise performance assessment information for current and future products in the quantum market.
  • Identify solutions, define action plans, and help coordinate and deliver optimal enhancements and solutions. Recommend configurations and settings for different types of hardware to be used by ParTec customers.
  • Maintain current knowledge of competitors’ and ParTec’s products and relevant quantum performance optimization techniques to ensure ParTec’s ability to provide high-quality system and application performance results.
  • Collaborate closely with colleagues across the company, as well as peers outside the company, to produce optimal performance results of quantum benchmark codes run on ParTec platforms.
  • Building, debugging, running, optimizing and benchmarking popular existing and emerging quantum benchmarks in on-prem and in cloud simulators, using most suitable toolchains.



  • Bachelor degree [Masters or PhD preferred] in a technical field (Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, etc.).
  • Three years working experience in quantum benchmarking, quantum compilers or related area.
  • The ability to work well with others to accomplish targeted goals.
  • The ability to convey highly technical materials to a variety of audiences both inside and outside of ParTec.
  • Keen analytical skills and problem-solving ability.
  • The willingness and ability to recognize and address issues encountered when working with leading edge technology, to work under demanding deadlines, and to coordinate multiple tasks in a fast-paced challenging environment.
  • Fluency (written & spoken) in English is required.



  • Experience with major quantum computing frameworks (e.g. Qiskit, Cirq) programming environment i.e. runtime and compilers (circuit and pulse level).
  • A demonstrated ability to implement and design abstractions to simplify the development of quantum circuits, e.g. OpenQASM 2 and 3
  • Experience in quantum code synthesis and transpilation approaches, e.g. BQSKit
  • Experience with quantum and hybrid classic/quantum algorithms: Grover’s algorithm, QFT, VQE, QAOA, QSVM
  • Experience with creating customized quantum algorithms and integrating them into classical application codes.
  • Experience of quantum simulator backends, including building custom noise models for noisy simulations.
  • Experience of running quantum algorithms on real hardware
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and analytical ability
  • Excellent competence in Python
  • Good knowledge of at least one open-source quantum simulator backend, e.g. Qiskit Aer, Pennylane Lightning, Cirq
  • Good knowledge of at least one high level compiled programming language, e.g. C, C++, Fortran
  • Familiarity with Linux and shell scripting
  • The ability to quickly learn new skills



  • Using HPC systems for running scientific/engineering codes


Job conditions

  • Flexible work hours, flexible workplace including home office
  • Office environment available at our German headquarter in Munich
  • Occasional travels, mostly to destinations in Europe

This is an exciting opportunity in one of the most advanced and dynamically developing fields of computing.

If you are interested in working with us, please send your application with resume and salary expectations to