ParTec becomes proud member of UKQuantum

Munich, 19th March 2024

Being a full-stack integrator of quantum computers and offering a qubit-agnostic, component-based solution, ParTec is proud to join the industry-led consortium UKQuantum founded to be the voice of the UK quantum industry. Building upon the UK’s premier research and education institutions, UKQuantum will ensure that the United Kingdom remains a world leader in the quantum technology industry.

“As the quantum ecosystem grows in the UK and worldwide, cooperation is a key factor for breakthroughs in the application of this sophisticated technology. Existing HPC systems can very much benefit from quantum modules as accelerators for certain tasks in a heterogeneous system architecture. ParTec is a pacesetter in the seamless integration of Quantum computers into HPC systems and is very much looking forward to shape together the future of quantum in the UK”, says Bernhard Frohwitter, CEO of ParTec AG.

At the beginning of February 2024 UK Science Minister Andrew Griffith announced an additional investment of £45 million in the UK’s quantum sector – as part of its commitment to transforming into a quantum-enabled economy by 2033. £30 million of this investment will go to developing and delivering world-leading prototype quantum computers, providing scientists and engineers with a controlled environment for experimentation.

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