Accelerator Hackathon 2024
ZIB, ParTec and NextSilicon

Diving deep into the future of High-Performance-Computing (HPC): Together with ZIB and NextSilicon, ParTec organised an immersive 1.5 day hackathon, exploring an exciting new HPC approach. We covered the programming environment, profiling analysis and optimization approach with dedicated hands-on session to allow participants to experience the novel hardware directly.

Below is some feedback from the hackathon participants and ZIB, our customer and partner in hosting the event:

  • The technical level of the workshop was spot on for the HPC audience as ParTec provided deep dives into the technology over the 1.5 days.
  • Participants appreciated the openness of the discussion (for a new accelerator).
  • There was great discussion/questions/suggestions between all attendees and presenters.
  • Attendees appreciated the extended access to the systems for a week after the hackathon.

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