ParTec AG with successful initial public listing in the Scale Segment

ParTec AG Sparks Enthusiasm in Supercomputing and Quantum Computing Sector with Stellar Stock Market Debut

Munich, 3 July 2023 – ParTec AG, maker and creator of innovative and world leading dynamic Modular Supercomputer and developer and maker of Quantum Computer, is thrilled to make an extraordinary impact with its highly anticipated stock market listing on the Scale segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange today. In addition, with their ground-breaking software ParaStation Modulo for operating dynamic Modular Supercomputer, ParTec AG has been making remarkable strides in the development of software integrating Quantum Computer into Modular Supercomputer, solidifying their position as a visionary force in the industry.

This expertise not only signifies a paradigm shift in the HPC market but also showcases ParTec AG’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. By focusing on the development of dynamic Modular Supercomputer and Quantum Computer alongside the ParaStation Modulo software for operating and integrating both, ParTec AG is at the forefront of reshaping the world of High Performance Computing.

“Our stock market listing demonstrates our commitment to continued reshaping of High Performance Computing including Quantum Computing”, emphasized Bernhard Frohwitter, CEO of ParTec AG, “Investors are welcome to join us on this thrilling journey as we redefine the boundaries of what’s possible and unlock the untapped potential of dynamic Modular Supercomputing as well as Quantum Computing. It’s those machines which are essential to enable Artificial Intelligence (AI)”.

While renowned for their dynamic Modular Supercomputing hard- and software solutions, ParTec AG’s foray into Quantum Computer adds a new dimension to their already impressive portfolio. By harnessing the power of quantum technology, ParTec AG aims to unlock unprecedented computational capabilities and pave the way for ground-breaking discoveries and applications across industries. The inflationary advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with applications like ChatGPT became only possible with the availability of machines like provided by ParTec AG.

With their stock market listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, ParTec AG solidifies its position as a visionary force in the HPC market, attracting investors and strategic partners who recognise the immense potential of dynamic Modular Supercomputing and Quantum Computing. This listing opens new opportunities and fuels ParTec AG’s mission to revolutionise computational power, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

To explore ParTec AG’s cutting-edge High Performance Computing and Quantum Computing solutions and its stock market listing, visit ParTec AG.

About ParTec AG

ParTec AG specializes in the development and supply of cutting-edge Supercomputer and Quantum Computer, accompanied by comprehensive operating software. Our offerings encompass consulting and support services tailored to the needs of organizations involved in the advancement, construction and operation of highly advanced High Performance Computer (HPC) and Quantum Computer (QC).

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