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ParTec Collateral

Welcome to the hub for ParTec’s marketing collateral. You will find more information on ParTec, our Quantum Computing and High Performance Computing offerings, research project use cases, JUPITER as well as JUREAP. This repository is your one-stop destination to access and download all the essential resources.

Company Information


At ParTec we are not just building supercomputers: We engineer breakthroughs. For more information on ParTec, our competence and why our partners and customers choose us, download our flyer below.

Press Releases

With a lot of exciting news having been published recently, we want to ensure you don’t miss out on any of our press releases. Please visit our press page for all releases.


Our dedicated staff at the HPC + AI Wall Street 2024 booth will be happy to help with any enquiries. If you did not have the chance to meet our experts, feel free to contact us via the form below and our team will get in touch.

Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing Solution

As quantum computer system integrator, ParTec designs, manufactures, and integrates quantum computers using a component-based and qubit agnostic approach. For details click below.


The software to seamlessly integrate quantum computers into existing HPC set-ups. To find out more about how QBridge manages to bridge the gap between HPC and QC, download our 2-pager below.

High Performance Computing


ParTec designs, builds, and supports purpose-built heterogeneous supercomputer solutions using our modular supercomputing architecture (MSA) approach. Learn more about our HPC offerings by clicking below.

HPC Projects Use Cases

The SEA projects bring together top European academic and industrial expertise to develop technologies for the next generation of supercomputers. Click the link below to find compelling use cases from the IO-SEA project.


JUPITER (“Joint Undertaking Pioneer for Innovative and Transformative Exascale Research”) is Europe’s first ExaFlop system and is being installed on Forschungs-zentrum Jülich’s campus. Find out more about JUPITER.


You want to be one of the first scientists to maximize the impact of JUPITER as well as enable a smooth start-up for hard- and software of this exascale system? Then get your application ready for JUREAP, the JUPITER Research and Early Access Program.