Dominik Ulmer, Chief Quantum & AI Solutions Officer

As Chief Quantum & AI Solutions Officer Dominik Ulmer oversees the development, construction, and sales of modular supercomputers and quantum computers. His extensive background in IT management spans both industry and the public sector.

Prior to joining ParTec, Mr. Ulmer served as Senior Director of HPC & AI Technical Sales at HPE until March 2020, where he coordinated European sales efforts. Before that, he held the position of Vice President of Business Operations EMEA at Cray and was the General Manager of the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre.

In addition to his role at ParTec, Mr. Ulmer is a member of the Board of Non-Executive Directors at NAG. He is particularly focused on further advancing the development and production of quantum computers.

His appointment to the board in October 2022 underscores his leadership and strategic contributions to ParTec’s mission of innovation and excellence.