Significant increase in revenue in 2023 -
Company examines financing options including uplisting from the Scale OTC segment to the regulated market (Prime Standard) of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Munich, 13th June 2024

ParTec AG today published its annual financial statements for the 2023 financial year. According to the consolidated and individual financial statements, revenue increased by around 165 per cent from EUR 36.1 million to EUR 95.7 million. According to the individual financial statements, ParTec AG’s earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) totalled EUR 740.2 million, up from EUR 17.3 million previously. The significant increase in EBIT is primarily due to the valuation of the ParTec patent portfolio (see ad hoc announcement of 21 February 2024), in addition to a good operating performance. At Group level, EBIT totalled EUR -13.3 million due to a value adjustment on a receivable.

ParTec reached further milestones in the 2023 financial year and laid important foundations for the company’s long-term growth. In the reporting period, ParTec was awarded the contract for the construction of the first exascale supercomputer in Europe, “JUPITER”, together with Eviden, with an order volume of around 300 million euros. The construction of JUPITER at the Jülich Research Centre based on the dynamic Modular System Architecture (dMSA) developed by ParTec has already begun and is proceeding according to plan. JUPITER aims to triple the computing power of the currently most powerful European supercomputer. As things stand, JUPITER will be the largest AI computer in the world with a computing power of around 100 exaFlop FP16. With its outstanding computing power, it will enable breakthroughs in areas such as research and development, business and artificial intelligence.

Based on JUPITER and its extensive expertise in building large modular HPC systems, ParTec AG will build high-performance, modular AI solutions for industry and science. To this end, the company has launched the “Supertrainer” project, which will use JUPITER as the basic model to create a modular AI product range that enables the training, data processing and inference of specific large language models for individual use cases as well as models in small, medium-sized and large companies for the training of scientific and technical data. The solution is designed to enable extreme scalability of applications and the coupling of artificial intelligence (AI) and simulation. With this offering, ParTec AG intends to make a decisive contribution to an AI-centred, sovereign and digital European economy and to serve the exponential demand for European AI infrastructure as one of the major players.

ParTec has also successfully expanded its value chain. In addition to the development and manufacture of supercomputers and accompanying system software, ParTec has also positioned itself as a complete integrator of quantum computers. The company’s first quantum computer product line is set to be launched in the second half of 2024 and will be scalable from small qubit numbers to state-of-the-art QPU technologies. As part of this, ParTec is building a new production facility in Munich for the assembly and testing of cryogenic and non-cryogenic quantum systems. The “ParTec Quantum Factory” is scheduled to start operations in Munich in the second half of 2024.

ParTec’s successes in the field of quantum computing include the development of QBridge, an exceptional software solution that enables the seamless embedding of high-performance and quantum computers. QBridge was developed together with the Israeli company Quantum Machines. Based on this successful collaboration, ParTec and Quantum Machines have decided to intensify the partnership and collaborate on the development of products that bring together Quantum Machines’ Quantum Orchestration Platform with ParTec’s proprietary IP.

Another highlight in 2023 was the successful IPO on the Scale open market segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in July.

As a growing and economically successful company in a very dynamic market, ParTec AG is continuously reviewing various financing strategies in order to ensure sustainable positive corporate development. These possible strategies include equity financing options, which could include a possible uplisting to the regulated market (Prime Standard) of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in order to increase the attractiveness of ParTec AG’s shares on the capital market and attract greater attention from investors and analysts. The company has not yet decided on the type, amount and timing of a possible capital measure. ParTec will make such decisions at a later date, depending on market and other conditions.

The audited consolidated financial statements for 2023 and the individual financial statements for 2023 are available for download on the company website in the Investor Relations section.

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