MUNICH (December 09, 2021) – ParTec AG and BF exaQC AG, ParTec’s exclusive licensing agent, announce that ParTec is expanding licensing opportunities for its patent portfolio that enables fundamental advances in high-performance computing considered essential for achieving exascale performance. Quantum Computers can be integrated as modules into the supercomputer structure, enabling their efficient operation.

ParTec’s patents facilitate a modular high performance computing system that combines different types of computing hardware, such as processing units and accelerators, and makes them dynamically re-assignable via a resourcemanager during job runtime. ParTec’s patented inventions are critical to the future of high-performance computing (HPC), including various completed or ongoing exascale projects.

In particular, ParTec’s patents describe a Cluster-Booster architecture that has been implemented in JSC’s JUWELS supercomputer (#8 on the top500-list), and is or is going to be implemented in other European projects on Europe’s path to Exascale, like MeluXina, Leonardo and Mare Nostrum V. The architecture has enabled numerous HPC advances, including improved scalability, resilience, energy efficiency and support for multiple applications.

Prior to ParTec’s innovations, general-purpose processors were supplemented by accelerators that were fixedly assigned during the runtime of the compute job. Such fixed assignment of accelerators regularly resulted in a costly and energy-inefficient overallocation or underallocation of resources.

ParTec’s inventions solve these problems by providing a modular HPC system that combines different types of computing hardware, such as processing units and accelerators, and makes them dynamically re-assignable via a resource manager, in particular during job runtime. Accelerators, also referred to as “boosters”, can thus be flexibly coupled with other compute units that require them, via a resource manager enabling dynamic allocation of the accelerators as needed. This allows for higher overall utilization of resources.

ParTec is a technology leader in HPC and currently acts as a contractor and provider of HPC supercomputers in Europe, providing system software, support and maintenance, as well as expertise on its patented system hardware architecture designs. ParTec is the assignee of various U.S. and foreign patents and pending applications that provide the enabling technology for certain HPC and other computer-architecture implementations. Currently, ParTec works with various European Supercomputer Centers, including Jülich, Germany, Bologna, Luxembourg and Barcelona.

BF exaQC is entering into discussions concerning licensing ParTec’s groundbreaking HPC patent portfolio in Europe and the United States, which includes various completed or ongoing exascale projects. BF exaQC is actively identifying additional organizations with which to enter into discussions about licensing the portfolio and welcomes inquiries from industry participants, seeking to position their HPC facilities at the forefront of performance and efficiency.

Bernhard Frohwitter
CEO of ParTec AG

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