General HPC Advisory

ParTec offers consulting services for HPC procurements, including technical aspects related to the overall architecture of the system, selection of hardware and software components as well as legal advice related to procurement law, contracting, and IPR. We also have the role of a technology partner for hosting sites.

Consulting for Hosting Site Applications

For parties applying for a EuroHPC JU hosting agreement, which is required to receive funding for a EuroHPC supercomputer, ParTec offers a specific consulting service. Like research projects, hosting agreements are awarded based on a competitive analysis of proposals submitted to specific EuroHPC calls.  

The service covers all phases from the definition of the hosting agreement consortium to the final decision by the EuroHPC JU. It includes general project management and coordination, assistance with all technical parts of the proposal, editorial support for proposal documents, advice on contractual issues and compliance with formal requirements and help during negotiations and hearings. 

Two reference customers are LuxProvide and KIFÜ.

Consulting Services for HPC and QC Procurements

For parties purchasing a modular supercomputer, ParTec offers consulting services for HPC and QC procurements.